Kenneth Madden

Coole park

These photos were taken in Coole park sometime last November. The lake was dead calm. We threw stones in to ripple it or Duncan did I should say. His aim’s not the best (sorry buddy). It’s hard to get a good assistant! We spoke about how life is unknowable and immediately This, among other things. Everything was reflected in everything as everything is in everything i.e. there is no separation on any level.

Some kids arrived just as we were leaving. This picture has a surreal feel to it. It reminded me of the worlds we used to create and abandon during long hours of childhood play and exploration. I thought of the following lines from a Kelly Joe Phelps song:

Shouting revelations out
A boychild man of ten
Never looking up to heaven
It was heaven there and then
And we wrapped our bloody fingers like a shine eyed Mr Zen
River Rat Jimmy and Jehosophat

*River Rat Jimmy, Kelly Joe Phelps


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