Kenneth Madden


Ripples move outward from an apparent centre. You cannot find the centre of a ripple as it’s finished as soon as it’s started. It’s simultaneously there and not there. A ripple reminds me of a musical note- it’s being born and dying simultaneously. It’s both there and not there.
Ripples have no boundary. It’s not that everything is connected- It’s that it’s all one. Being.

What’s being suggested here cannot be spoken, yet it is all that is. Pouring through all of your senses right now, is what it being sought- Being. The mind moves in linear time and will always seek something else. It dare not see No- thing for that will scream that there’s nothing to look for and this is it. The end of the story of me. The surprising thing, the divine comedy is that this ‘Me’ we attach to everything is a total illusion. Everything that is (apparently) happening is an invitation to see This for what it is- Timeless, Boundless unconditional love. It’s so simple and open that it remains hidden.

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