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Monthly Archives: March 2009

I Potter

So Gary joined me on a potter around town and stopped to take a phone call from Darragh Madden. Meanwhile a pigeon selected him as a target and took up position on the ledge above. Just after he handed me the phone the bird let fly and Gary couldn’t quite hide his disgust at having been shitted on. I let Darragh go in time to take a snap. We bumped into Eamon going into 6.30 mass. We told him all about it and although he tried to show empathy towards Gary and couldn’t quite hide his amusement. Freefall.

Jet Trails

No-thing. And in that arises everything and in that everything is No-thing. And they are the same. Not two. And these words are only pointing at what you already know for you are all that is. A constant invitation to see that it’s not linear. It’s not linear at all. It’s This Now. It’s vertical. There is only This and what’s arising is beginning and ending simultaneously as it is both Nothing and Everything so in that sense it is only apparently happening. You are unconditional love- untouchable, unknowable, indestructible.

Beyond anything the mind can conceive of and so so so ordinary. You are already what you search for. It has eluded you by being completely open, BEING already everything and nothing. One. The mind will always look for something because to the mind nothing is death. Death of an illusionary self. The cosmic yoke, the divine comedy is that when you loose your life you gain the world. As Tony Parsons puts it- “In total poverty arises priceless abundance” [Not an exact quote].

Jet Trails are there and not there. Planes appear to the mind to move between one destination and another. The point of departure is point A and point A is a false center. Point B cannot be arrived at as there is no point B because point A is a false center. The time it takes to travel between the two then, is also an illusion. No time or space. This is the square root of Zero.
Ha ha ha. Amazing.

Black Crow Keeps Flying

Though you might hear laughin’, spinnin’, swingin’ madly across the sun,
It’s not aimed at anyone, it’s just escapin’ on the run
And but for the sky there are no fences facin’.

Bob Dylan, Mr Tamborine Man.

You are what you eat (and what you don’t eat)

We use a container to hold food that will go to the compost bin. Nobody wants to bring it out and empty it into the bin when it’s full. It takes all of about ten seconds, but nobody wants to do it (me included). So we have implemented a system where by you have to empty it if it you can’t fit anymore in. They are beginning to resemble works of art. So before chucking it in the food bin I took a couple of pictures. I think I might do a whole project on it.

Chris Smither at the Crane


Brothering. Beautiful.

Mark in my guitar case

Silence sounding

Silence and sound are not two separate things. Sound seems to be surrounded by silence to a mind that moves in time and sees objects in relation to their opposites. Sound is silence sounding. Silence is No-Thing. It has no qualities what so ever. What we think of as silence and empty space are the same. This No-thing is filled with everything and they are one and the same. The mind will always look for something as Nothing constantly points to our own absence. Hence the search goes on (apparently) searching for something when what’s looked for is No-thing.

Looking out, Looking inward.

We look out at the world and negotiate with it, relate to it. We try to know it because the more we know it, we’re told, the better we can negotiate it, the more we can control it. Some are sensitive to another possibility and are told that what they are searching for can only be found by looking inward. So we apply the same principles to this inward search. If we do it with enough effort and have enough discipline we’ll find what we couldn’t in the material world. If we turn the same process of progressive endeavor inward then we will find the inner peace that alluded us.
The difficulty with this is very very simple. There is no outer, there is no inner- only from the point of view of a false centre. There is no one to look into. What we search for is simple BEING. It has no boundary. It is nothing being everything. You are already whole and perfect. You are already home and always have been. There is no need to relate as you are all that is. There is a constant invitation to see that This is it. When the story of individual self collapses it is seen that it was a total dream and what we are is boundless unconditional love. This is completely beyond the mind.

Aerial Antics

Try to predict the flight path of a bird… Exactly. Freefall.