Kenneth Madden

I Potter

So Gary joined me on a potter around town and stopped to take a phone call from Darragh Madden. Meanwhile a pigeon selected him as a target and took up position on the ledge above. Just after he handed me the phone the bird let fly and Gary couldn’t quite hide his disgust at having been shitted on. I let Darragh go in time to take a snap. We bumped into Eamon going into 6.30 mass. We told him all about it and although he tried to show empathy towards Gary and couldn’t quite hide his amusement. Freefall.

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Gary Lydon said:

Ha ha, free fall – it is like i said – try to guess where or were a bird will shit on you / just like his flight pattern- this is my point complete freefall!!

12:48 am March 31, 2009 | Link

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