Kenneth Madden

Jet Trails

No-thing. And in that arises everything and in that everything is No-thing. And they are the same. Not two. And these words are only pointing at what you already know for you are all that is. A constant invitation to see that it’s not linear. It’s not linear at all. It’s This Now. It’s vertical. There is only This and what’s arising is beginning and ending simultaneously as it is both Nothing and Everything so in that sense it is only apparently happening. You are unconditional love- untouchable, unknowable, indestructible.

Beyond anything the mind can conceive of and so so so ordinary. You are already what you search for. It has eluded you by being completely open, BEING already everything and nothing. One. The mind will always look for something because to the mind nothing is death. Death of an illusionary self. The cosmic yoke, the divine comedy is that when you loose your life you gain the world. As Tony Parsons puts it- “In total poverty arises priceless abundance” [Not an exact quote].

Jet Trails are there and not there. Planes appear to the mind to move between one destination and another. The point of departure is point A and point A is a false center. Point B cannot be arrived at as there is no point B because point A is a false center. The time it takes to travel between the two then, is also an illusion. No time or space. This is the square root of Zero.
Ha ha ha. Amazing.

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t said:

actually those are chemtrails not normal condensation trails. normal condensation trails disappear quickly. chemtrails spread out and cause a haze. we’re being sprayed! google or go on utube and find out for yourself.

5:32 am March 10, 2010 | Link

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