Kenneth Madden

Lines written on Valentines Day

The Budding cafe is peopled and flowering
“Monday will be fine” a lady tells the owner

A voluptuous lady folds a napkin till
it will go no further.

While a stream of steady people buy flowers
for the day that’s in it, and me well:

I’m just here and not here.
Look, don’t get me wrong my friend, my lover

It’s the same thing we’re looking at but
there’s simply

Note: Steady people refers to the manner in which we are conditioned body mind organisms who conform to societies norms etc. Of course this is often interpreted as bad but that’s not what I’m saying-it is what it is and of course it is also only apparent. The other thing Steady refers to is the feeling of “me” moving through life at a steady pace. Feeling that I am experiencing things and then having the sensation that these experiences are behind me and calling this my past. Moving then also into a future that funnily enough never seems to arrive. The sense of movement, the sense of time and the sense of “me” are the same thing seen differently and are all a complete illusion.

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