Kenneth Madden

A symbol

The cross can also be seen as a symbol for the timeless point of a linear illusion being seen through (by no one). The vertical intersects the linear to show you that your feeling of being a separate individual moving through time and space and relating to objects that are outside of you, is a dream. This point is Now, it is timeless and is NO(thing) so cannot be approached. It cannot be approached for it is all there ever is. There is nothing that needs to be done to see that all there is is unconditional love. We feel we’re not quite complete, not quite there yet and so the seeking continues. We live (apparently) in a world of becoming and what we really seek is Being, which is all there is. We dare not see nothing as it screams our absence. Nobody has even been able to describe the fullness, the boundlessness that arises in that absence.

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