Kenneth Madden

Have a seat (and consider how school helped you get here)

But don’t sit too long,
They told me,
least you fall behind

How do you expect to get ahead
and make something of yourself
with that attitude young man?

Ok, So I’ll try not to fall behind
and I’ll strive to get ahead
But, I don’t know if I’m coming or going.

As I was despairing she offered me hope
by adding
Don’t forget to be spontaneous, life is short and sweet for certain

Yes MÚinteoir I’ll strive and struggle
to make something of myself
but I’ll make time to be spontaneous.

And someday maybe I’ll get there.
But surely, but how can..

But question teacher- What if I don’t know who I am?
How will I even know when I’ve arrived? and how…
(If I had the vocab: Where the fuck am I with all of this progressive endeavor
if I don’t even know who it is that is progressing)

You’ll understand when you’re grown up.

I told an old man after school
what the teacher told me,
He was surely grown up at his old age

I’m sure his words were wise
But they offered me nothing.
You will in your shite son, he said

I will in my shite!.

And all the while an invitation
that’s constant
A constant invitation

So see that


Neither was right
Neither was wrong
This was IT all along.


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