Kenneth Madden


Liberation is like a 360 degree turn around in which the same thing is being seen as before except instead of there being a ‘you’ looking out at objects in the world ‘out there’ there is no longer a world ‘out there’ there is only what is happening and no ‘you’ to look out or to filter it. The contracted false centre called ‘Me’ expands so there is no longer any centre, only boundless life, boundless Being with no beginning or end, no start or finish, no birth or death.

People are seen as they truly are as they are met free of concept, free of the illusion that they are separate person that can be known. It is seen that there is no other. This is boundless unconditional love and is too immediate to be known. This cannot and does not need to be known. Nothing needs to be done, you are already home.

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