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Orla and Ryan in the Garden

Galway World Cup Fun Weekend 2009

Here are some images from the first day of this years event.

Darragh and Erin

Sadness and Swifts

Sadness and Swifts

(Lines written on the bench behind St Augustines)

I leaned my back against the limestone
Hard and crumbling
As concept.

Then craned my head skyward to watch the swifts slice
Boundless open Sky

A memory presently arising
Of how on this same bench
she draped her leg

Over mine
as I told her
Stories to make the dew glisten.

Now a sadness
So whole, deep
And boundless

No one to filter it
Push it, pull it, bury it, label it,
Understand it or know it.

Just sadness
Sadness and swifts
and this love, unconditional
Now This Boundless love.

The David Bishop Cycle

Although I have been snapping quite a lot I haven’t been putting much up on the blog. That’s the way it goes. These Pictures are from the David Bishop cycle on the 5th of June. The cycle was organised by y cousin Niall in memory of his brother David who passed away on Christmas day after a long fight against Leukemia. Money raised goes to the patient comfort fund in UHG (Galway Hospital). For more information or to make a donation visit

What a laugh

I was taking pictures of my nephew Ryan. He started laughing and putting on a big “cheeeeeeese” smile. The more he did this the more he laughed. When we looked at the pictures on the back of the camera the two of us were in kiniptions. Children are such a joy- their whole body laughs when they laugh- there is only laughter.
Do you remember childlike wonder?