Kenneth Madden

Monthly Archives: July 2009


We look out from a false centre called ‘Me’. This is the filter, the veil through which life is experienced by the individual (The veil is the individual, the individual is the veil). From this false centre space or No-thing is ignored apparently. From the view point of a false centre, everything will be seen as object. This false centre is subject and everything else is object. A subject moves in time and space, apparently and relates to objects. In other words people seem to form relationships of all descriptions with other people and with inanimate objects such as their car or their phone or whatever. The space that is not seen by the individual is silent, still, no-thing. It is Being and is what the individual is actually looking for. It is what the individual actually IS. No-thing or space to the mind is ‘lack of’. The joke is that this no-thing is what gives rise to mind. This space is what enables the seeing of everything. It is everything. They aren’t two different things- No-thing and Everything. No-thing is Everything. Form is space forming. Just as sound is silence sounding. It is very simple. There is not two, there is only One, boundless Being. Wholeness. You are already what you look for.

So it is Oneness appearing as separate individuals, appearing to relate to one another and appearing to relate to objects that they encounter or own or meet in their lives. The illusion of moving in time and space falls away, the linear movement of ‘Me’ through life explodes with the vertical immediate seeing that there is only Life, not my life, only life. One boundless energy resounding. Totally unknowable and untouchable and inviting you to see that you are home, a constant invitation pouring through all the senses. No time, no space. Just this- unconditional love. These words can’t come close. Nothing to do, nowhere to go.

These words read may read as esoteric ramblings or come across as terribly philosophical and removed from everyday life. The trials and tribulations of living in the world, the ups and downs, the suffering we have all tasted are exactly what these words are about because at the root of it all is this feeling of ‘Me’. What you look for is what is in fact reading these words right now, what has witnessed every apparent event in ‘your’ life. It is the only constant in ever changing, transient life. It is Being, it is what has seen your suffering and invited you to see that there was only suffering, there was no-one suffering.

This message has nothing in common with the message in religions or that spiritual teachers who claim to be non-dual. They simply offer another carrot to the individual. They are full of hope and speak to a separate individual who can choose to do something to see there is oneness or who needs to do something to see there is only wholeness/being/oneness. You are already the perfect expression of unconditional love. Words and words and more words, ha ha, these are only words but there can be a resonance to what is being pointed to. Now, a resonance now, that this is home, that there is only now, this. There is no separation- you are all that is, you are Being. This is eternity. Amazing.

Tired Dog, Dog Tired.