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Play of Shadows

During a discussion about the ridiculousness and dogmatic nature of the teachings of religion a friend once commented “Yes, but I feel that there’s something there.”

There is, but it’s not there, it’s HERE. It’s THIS. It’s unknowable and unteachable. It is unconditional love that is beyond any description of it. It is not an It. It is what you are. Not this contracted sense of being an individual self that is really felt. From this false centre the world seems knowable as the subject (individual) is always meeting objects. Between the two lie time and distance. But there is not two, no time or distance. Only wholeness, One. Time and distance are only apparent.

It’s almost as if life is not seen, but only a shadow of it as the apparent individual moves in a linear direction (towards their death?). The apparent individual will not see the newness in everything as they think they can know the world. They meet presently arising memories of people and objects and take them to be fixed, knowable and in relationship with them. The vertical intersection of that dream is This, Now. This is timeless being. This is inviting you to see that you are life, you don’t have a life, you are life. You don’t have anything, you never have had anything. You are boundless life, you don’t have a slice of it.

There is nothing to understand. You are already what you seek. There is no-body reading these words, these words are BEING read. Amazing.

The message being communicated in this Blog is a description not a prescription.


Hoilortewyu said:

Не совсем в тему, но вопрос такой возник автору. А почему вы именно этот движок выбрали для своего блога? Имхо, слаед бы лучше был. Я вот ваш блог постоянно читаю :)

2:00 am November 9, 2009 | Link
Kenneth said:

I have no idea what that means or what language it is! ha is it Russian? Thanks for commenting.

2:26 am November 9, 2009 | Link
advadabourf said:

Many thanks!

8:52 pm March 18, 2010 | Link

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