Kenneth Madden

St Augustines in the a puddle

When I crouched down to get this shot my trousers tore. When I say tore I mean split all the to the waist. I was wearing a long coat so the I was lucky that i could hide the fact that the arse was torn out of my pants when I walked. However, there was still the matter of the shot. I hadn’t quite got the shot I was looking for. I was hoping to catch a bird flying over the church to add to the feel of it and there was no other way to catch the reflection then to crouch down low putting my calvin klein’s on public view. I waited, but not for long. I decided that people’s right to enjoy a Sunday stroll without having to see my underwear was greater then my right to take photos with them on display. When I loaded them up I was delighted to see I had caught this jackdaw without realizing. So that’s the story behind that shot- never would have guessed huh?

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