Kenneth Madden

Life and Death

Death is a home coming in the sense that it is the sudden seeing that that which was sought was never lost. It is the seeing that the ‘Self’ or separate individual that was conceptualized and experienced was false. It is not the end as there is no beginning and no end. It is the seeing that there is only wholeness, there is only boundless being which appears as bound and part of the whole. Limitless life that appears limited. Boundlessness that appears bound. Liberation is really the death of ‘Me’. It is the end of an illusion. It is the end of something that never was in the first place. That is why there is only liberation. A fear of death is the a fear of the end of this contracted separate self that negotiates life, a me that cannot conceive of life without them. The big joke is that there is only life, this ‘Me’ that negotiated so well or so badly (no matter) is an illusionary addition that arises in it. So when this ‘Me’ dies either at physical death or in the body before hand it is a celebration of the recognizing of unconditional love, a celebration of the expansion into what you already always were- boundless being- boundless unconditional love.

Simply put life and death are not two separate things. It is only in the mind which thinks in terms of opposites, which makes experiences cognizable in time and space and therefore moves in a linear motion (from birth to death) that one is a fabulous beginning and the other a terrible end. Space and time only exist from the viewpoint of a centre, and that centre ‘Me’ can only ever be false. They are and have only ever been conceptual.

This message points to the causeless joy that arises in the absence of a “Me”, in the absence of a separate self. Any message that suggests there is a process or a method by which this illusionary self can be dropped or by which liberation can be brought about- is a teaching of ignorance as it speaks to the very separate self that it speaks about ending. For instance a friend recently told me of one “Teacher” who was suggesting that they investigate into “I AM”. This process or any other process can only reinforce the idea that this isn’t it now, that it is somewhere else, or something else that you can somehow and someday get to. Other more common processes are spiritual practices such as chanting, meditation, etc etc. They all reinforce that there is a separate you who has volition, who has control. There is not and never has been any such entity. The boundless wonder of simply being, the simple and ordinary causeless joy that is available constantly is continually not seen as the “Me” that apparently arises in it does the only thing it can do- be a ‘Me’. All the while a fear of death, a fear of the end of ‘Me’ and a continuous ignoring of the constant invitation to see that there is just this, that there is just being, that there is just no-thing being everything, no separate ‘me’ at all.
Beyond description, beyond words and simply simply simply this.

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