Kenneth Madden


A shadow has no independent existence separate to it’s source. A separate individual is like a shadow that thinks that it is independent of it’s source. All the while it is never anything but it’s source. When the illusion is seen the shadow still dances the same as it did before. A character (unique individual) is free to be even more fully that character when liberation happens (although it is not a happening) as it is seen that what you are is not the character, but that the character arises in what you are. More simple put, when it is seen that you are life and don’t have a slice of it as was thought and experienced, then the life appearing as the unique character of you is the perfect expression of that life. So there is no longer a striving to improve or change or become more________ (you fill in the blank). There is just an inloveness with what is. A seeing that it is already whole. So the character is no longer bound by the illusion and of course it is seen that it never was.

Trying to grasp an uncompromising non dual message is like trying to grasp light. You cannot do it and there is absolutely no need to grasp it as you are already that. It is not the apparent separate self that hears the message and therefore understanding is of no importance and it is the individual who understands. An uncompromising non dual message is more concerned with an energetic resonance then understanding. This resonance is the boundlessness that is sought.

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