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Slip Slidding Away

Slip slidin’ away
Slip slidin’ away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you’re slip slidin’ away

Paul Simon

In relation to the last post ‘Alone’ it is worth noting that of course there are fewer greater pleasures to be had then being with friends and loved ones. The difference between ‘having’ a friend and life ‘Friending’ is inexpressible and immeasurable. Life Brothering, Sistering, Mothering, Fathering, Soning etc etc- Life is a verb not a noun- there are no nouns (nothing fixed separate and permanent). Freedom, my friend, is in the irreversible shift out of you as Subject (a false centre) and everything else as object. When such a shift happens apparent relationships are then without conditions as everything is seen to be Unconditional love. UNCONDITIONAL love. Nothing whatsoever to do with the Hollywood, happy ever after, horseshit that we’re spoon fed.
Beautiful and boundless, Now- whole just as it is.


People often say that Christmas time is a tough time to be alone. In general we have a fear of being alone. We will take some “Me” time and some alone time but the idea that we are totally alone in the world is very frightening. The funny thing is that you are totally and utterly alone. You are completely alone as there is only Oneness. There is only Being or Wholeness and therefore not two. What we are afraid of is paradoxically what we seek. We are afraid of being alone as to see that you are totally and utterly alone is to see that all is One and therefore to see that there is no separate ‘me’. It is constantly on offer. The story of your life will constantly disappoint in order that the invitation to see that it is not, and never was, ‘Your Life” can be seen.

When it is seen that you are Life as opposed to having one, when the energetic shift out of a contracted sense of “Me” negotiating the world into the boundlessness that is all that is, apparently happens (it only apparently happens as it is already all that is). Then it is seen that you are totally alone but not lonely. When it is seen that you are life itself then how could you be lonely?

Wild Shore Ramble

The Wild Shore

A Play of light.


There is only One Teddy bear in this photo!

Christmas Eve

Current Climate

He swaggered towards me with a look in his eye that told me I was going to be the recipient of some words of wisdom. Grabbing me firmly by the elbow, he leaned in close, some spirit I couldn’t make out wafting sharply, seeping out pores.
“This climate’s not going to get much more fucking current” He announced loudly in my ear. A half smile and the sound of some sad song moving with him as he currently shuffled swiftly down the cobbled street.


Immediately now, this. Amazing. Astounding. Boundless.

Swan 3

The green colour is a refection of the facade of the building alongside the canal. I loved the way the light was playing on the water and as I was taking a few pictures the swans came along. Last night we saw an otter eating a fish on a bank a couple of feet away from where i took this picture. If you’re in Galway always keep an eye out at night for otters in the canal across from the Salt house pub lets say. I’ve seen them there twice now. I post a picture of swan and start rambling about otters! ha

What if?

What if there was just the reading of these words and no ‘you’ who is reading them?
What if there was just the thought and no one that’s thinking it?
What if there was just the pain and no one to own it?
What if there was just seeing and no one who sees?
What if there was only a memory and no one who remembers?
What if there was Just and only one.
Just This
Only Oneness
Not two.

Everything would be the same but the seeing of everything would shift into boundlessness.