Kenneth Madden


People often say that Christmas time is a tough time to be alone. In general we have a fear of being alone. We will take some “Me” time and some alone time but the idea that we are totally alone in the world is very frightening. The funny thing is that you are totally and utterly alone. You are completely alone as there is only Oneness. There is only Being or Wholeness and therefore not two. What we are afraid of is paradoxically what we seek. We are afraid of being alone as to see that you are totally and utterly alone is to see that all is One and therefore to see that there is no separate ‘me’. It is constantly on offer. The story of your life will constantly disappoint in order that the invitation to see that it is not, and never was, ‘Your Life” can be seen.

When it is seen that you are Life as opposed to having one, when the energetic shift out of a contracted sense of “Me” negotiating the world into the boundlessness that is all that is, apparently happens (it only apparently happens as it is already all that is). Then it is seen that you are totally alone but not lonely. When it is seen that you are life itself then how could you be lonely?

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