Kenneth Madden

Craddle my bowls

A picture from a new project about people and their cutlery.


Laura Overy said:

Ah the bowls! There is nothing like that over here in the house i’m in now. I miss those bowls. And to really make matters worse I lost the photo of you craddling them when my phone got busted at my leaving do :(

x x x

4:52 am May 3, 2010 | Link
Kenneth said:

We just got a Joseph Joseph juicer Lolly- it’s fantastic. I will do a self portrait to replace your picture- one of me cradling my own bowls! Miss you. x

11:34 pm May 3, 2010 | Link
Laura said:

A juicer! Oh god, don’t torture me with these delights. You’ll have to send me a pic of you, bowls and juicer.

I can’t believe it, i’m missing so much.

x x

9:54 am May 11, 2010 | Link

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