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Lynn Gentry on Haight Steet

Lynn Gentry writes poems for dollars on the corner of Haight and Asbury in San Francisco. Just tell him your title, agree on a price and hey presto you get a poem. My title was, of course, “Freefall” and here is what he came up with:

It had been a while since I had seen him
but in the distance you could feel him moving as they would say his name
and passers by in all the ways, they knew it but
now he was in front of me
wild as ever with hair growing and
thoughts running free through his head
as the papers said he as falling
but looking at the look
on his face
he was growing
he was happy
he was free.

Lynn Gentry

Check out his music- very groovy.

Note; I broke it up into separate lines as it was written as one block of text.


Tom said:

Amazing light..thanks again

12:17 am April 2, 2010 | Link
frank said:


10:28 am April 2, 2010 | Link
Mike said:

This is wonderful, Ken. Heard your podcast on UGC finally. Good to put a voice to ya. Brilliant work!

2:47 pm April 2, 2010 | Link
Gail Storey said:

Thank you for this exquisite message from Awareness. Your site, with its photographs and insightful text, is becoming a series of very welcome dharma talks to me.

5:10 am April 20, 2010 | Link

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