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Conscious TV interview.

I just wanted to write a few lines about the interview I did on ConsciousTV. A lot of people have contacted me through this site regarding the message that is being communicated there, often referred to as Non Duality, or a Non Duality message. I forget then that the majority have never heard of Non Duality and many people have said that they watched (some of) of interview and didn’t have a clue what I was on about! What I am talking about cannot be spoken, so I’m not too worried about whether or not I could communicate it well. I would however like to make it clear now, that what was being suggested was that we are all as individuals searching for something in one way or another and that what we search for is simply life itself, not what’s happening in it. We search as we feel separate to life, we feel we are negotiating our lives through life. What is being suggested is that that viewpoint only appears to be real. There is in fact nobody that is separate to life, there is only one ‘Life’ one energy, Oneness. So all that we take to be absolutely real; time, distance, choice, consequence, cause and effect etc are only apparently real, they appear in the dream of being a separate self, they do not exist only from this false center. This all sounds interesting, maybe lovely or perhaps frightening but the significance of this suggestion is totally beyond the minds ability of comprehension. It is what comprehension arises in. It is the seeing that this is infinity, this is eternity and THIS (what’s happening right now) my friend is fucking miraculous, unconditional love. Now that’s something (and nothing).

So, yes it can’t be spoken but life loves to speak. Thanks for the e-mails, I really enjoy hearing people’s perspectives. The plan is to communicate an uncompromising message on a site called that will soon be under construction by my brilliant web designer. This site will get an overhaul and be solely for photography. Some people have asked about meetings, I have no idea if they’ll happen or not, but I had no idea I’d end up on Conscious TV talking about this (and by this I mean literally this now, what appears to be happening). I do think that the sharing of this message at meetings is much much more powerful then any other means of communicating it as there is an energetic resonance in and around what is being suggested that is can be very liberating, a clear invitation to see that what you have always sought has never ever left you.
So we’ll see what apparently happens!

Little John on Shop Street

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ConsciousTV interview

The interview is on ConsciousTV. You’ll find it under the Non-Duality heading at It’s a great website, check it out.