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Meeting this Saturday in Dublin

There are a couple of places left for a small Life in Freefall meeting in Dublin this Saturday. If you are interested in attending just e-mail me.

Divine puppets

There is no one pulling the strings. You are Being Lived.


I don’t know. That’s liberating. When we feel and experience the ‘world’ to be knowable we no longer see it for what it is; boundless, whole, complete and unconditional love. Life is filtered through what is perceived and experienced as ‘Me’ and it’s then second hand. When I think and feel that i know someone or some place I’m not seeing them or it as it really is. Life is unknowable, it’s always new, it’s there and not there, it’s this, simply this. A mind that moves in duality works in terms of one thing relating to another. Polar opposites, duality- so to the mind it’s either this or that, its either real or unreal, not both. The mind can’t go anywhere with that.

So there is now a message, that is no ones message, this message is rare, very rare but more widely available as individualism appears to get stronger, the message is uncompromising in that it does not offer anything to an individual. It does not offer anything to an individual as it clearly sees that the individual is only apparently real. It does not offer the promise of discovering ‘Who you truly are’ nor does it talk about you discovering your ‘True nature’. It is the clear communication that you are not (truly anything) and that you don’t have a ‘True nature’. It is the singular uncompromising message that you are No-thing and that is also everything. You are life, you don’t have a life. You don’t have anything. You are therefore already complete, already whole, already home, already what you seek, no matter the manner in which you seem to be seeking. It is a message that is radical as it can see no authority, no teachers, no centre, only a love that manifests as everything and is also nothing, a love that is without conditions. Simply this.

This is too immediate to know. This. Hmm.

How do you like them?

God came up in conversation this morning. She has a habit of popping up like that. I said there was no god. My friend told me that once he’d gotten a bit more on top of things he planned to start looking into it (god that is), specifically with the objective of deciding whether or not he believes.
Not a bad idea, I guess, set a deadline, a D day, a G day, after which you either start saying the rosary everyday to make up for lost time or laugh at the fairy story of heaven and hell and all that razzmatazz. I think he should do a performance evaluation on god, and if she isn’t up to scratch then maybe set her some goals and tasks and targets. Re-evaluate in a few months and if she still isn’t up to scratch give her the P45. There’s way too much talent out there on the dole at the moment to be putting up with sloppy work.

It’s interesting how we move in time and we appear to be moving towards a better future that never quite arrives. As apparent separate selves we’re continually looking to be more __________ (the list is endless). We’re never quite there, we’re never quite complete. All of our efforts to find this completion are unsuccessful as an fulfillment for the apparent individual can only ever be a transient experience. Everything is transient as the apparent “Me” that is added to everything appears to move in time and space as they filter what appears to be happening through this false centre.
Efforts by the apparent separate self to find completion will never be successful as completion or wholeness is only seen when there is no one. The irony then is that as separate selves, we are seeking our own absence. This is your absence. This is it.

Early October, Apples and a message that is nobodies.

A message that clearly says that there is no truth and that truth, meaning, cause and effect, time and space, etc etc all come from a contracted sense of feeling like a separate self, that message can only ever then be a suggestion of another possible alternative to the story of being a separate person who negotiates the world. It will obviously not claim to be true, as it is clearly saying that since there is no separate ‘you’, then there is no truth or meaning as truth, meaning and knowledge of the world all come from the sense of being a separate self.

It will suggest that along with the feeling of being a separate individual who negotiates the world, there is longing to not be so, there is a longing for wholeness. It will suggest that every apparent separate self in the world will in one way or another seek out this wholeness and that ironically what they seek has never left them as it is already all that is. It will suggest that the apparent individual will play the game of being an individual and therefor continually look for completeness where it knows it won’t be found, therefor keeping the contracted sense of individuality alive. It is completely known that what is sought by the individual is their own absence and that to see this as it really is, is to be released from the false sense of ‘me’ through which everything seems to be filtered. Such a message will suggest that although what is sought is feared by the apparent individual, as it means the end of them, the death of ‘me’, only then can it be seen that there the individual was not there to begin with and death is only apparent. Life is boundless, always new and more stunning then any concept, idea or experience the mind can conjure up.
Such a message, obviously, is nobodies message and would have nothing what so ever to do with what is perceived as an individual person. It could not have any agenda what so ever as it is the suggestion that all is already complete, already whole, already what is sought.
A radical uncompromising message that is no ones. Stunning.

I hear ya Larry…

…Topsy-turvy that ************!!

Meeting at Burton-in-Lonsdale- Thanks

Thanks to everyone who made their way up to the meeting last month in North Yorkshire. I really enjoyed meeting you all and I’m almost tempted to say it was a great success!! but of course it was what it was (or more accurately is what it is). Deborah couldn’t have been a better host, she made me feel very welcome and at home. Thanks again and perhaps we’ll meet at the next meeting- you never know, Freefall!!

I think this is me back blogging again. I have been taking a lot of pictures and I’ve done some weddings also. Too busy with the camera perhaps to bother with blogging. I hope to make some progress on the other site Life in Freefall in the next couple of months (Yes Dave I haven’t done anything but I’m all over it presently). So that’s that, or this is that even.