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How do you like them?

God came up in conversation this morning. She has a habit of popping up like that. I said there was no god. My friend told me that once he’d gotten a bit more on top of things he planned to start looking into it (god that is), specifically with the objective of deciding whether or not he believes.
Not a bad idea, I guess, set a deadline, a D day, a G day, after which you either start saying the rosary everyday to make up for lost time or laugh at the fairy story of heaven and hell and all that razzmatazz. I think he should do a performance evaluation on god, and if she isn’t up to scratch then maybe set her some goals and tasks and targets. Re-evaluate in a few months and if she still isn’t up to scratch give her the P45. There’s way too much talent out there on the dole at the moment to be putting up with sloppy work.

It’s interesting how we move in time and we appear to be moving towards a better future that never quite arrives. As apparent separate selves we’re continually looking to be more __________ (the list is endless). We’re never quite there, we’re never quite complete. All of our efforts to find this completion are unsuccessful as an fulfillment for the apparent individual can only ever be a transient experience. Everything is transient as the apparent “Me” that is added to everything appears to move in time and space as they filter what appears to be happening through this false centre.
Efforts by the apparent separate self to find completion will never be successful as completion or wholeness is only seen when there is no one. The irony then is that as separate selves, we are seeking our own absence. This is your absence. This is it.


Lolly said:

Ahhh Tilly.. cute. Doues she like apples?

10:11 am November 26, 2010 | Link
Kenneth said:

actually she does like apples, She’ll eat just about anything- except her doggy nuts, they’re a last resort. I gave her a brussel sprout the last day and she threw it around the room and chased after it before gobbling it down. Which reminds me of the Brussel Sprout with horseradish pate that I forget to tell you about- it would be a nice one for Xmas day.

10:13 am November 27, 2010 | Link
Rieka said:

Totally agree that there is way too much talent on the dole!

8:27 am December 6, 2010 | Link

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