Kenneth Madden

Meeting at Burton-in-Lonsdale- Thanks

Thanks to everyone who made their way up to the meeting last month in North Yorkshire. I really enjoyed meeting you all and I’m almost tempted to say it was a great success!! but of course it was what it was (or more accurately is what it is). Deborah couldn’t have been a better host, she made me feel very welcome and at home. Thanks again and perhaps we’ll meet at the next meeting- you never know, Freefall!!

I think this is me back blogging again. I have been taking a lot of pictures and I’ve done some weddings also. Too busy with the camera perhaps to bother with blogging. I hope to make some progress on the other site Life in Freefall in the next couple of months (Yes Dave I haven’t done anything but I’m all over it presently). So that’s that, or this is that even.

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