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I don’t know. That’s liberating. When we feel and experience the ‘world’ to be knowable we no longer see it for what it is; boundless, whole, complete and unconditional love. Life is filtered through what is perceived and experienced as ‘Me’ and it’s then second hand. When I think and feel that i know someone or some place I’m not seeing them or it as it really is. Life is unknowable, it’s always new, it’s there and not there, it’s this, simply this. A mind that moves in duality works in terms of one thing relating to another. Polar opposites, duality- so to the mind it’s either this or that, its either real or unreal, not both. The mind can’t go anywhere with that.

So there is now a message, that is no ones message, this message is rare, very rare but more widely available as individualism appears to get stronger, the message is uncompromising in that it does not offer anything to an individual. It does not offer anything to an individual as it clearly sees that the individual is only apparently real. It does not offer the promise of discovering ‘Who you truly are’ nor does it talk about you discovering your ‘True nature’. It is the clear communication that you are not (truly anything) and that you don’t have a ‘True nature’. It is the singular uncompromising message that you are No-thing and that is also everything. You are life, you don’t have a life. You don’t have anything. You are therefore already complete, already whole, already home, already what you seek, no matter the manner in which you seem to be seeking. It is a message that is radical as it can see no authority, no teachers, no centre, only a love that manifests as everything and is also nothing, a love that is without conditions. Simply this.

This is too immediate to know. This. Hmm.


Frank said:

I love reading ur new blog entries. Plus ur pretty prolific at the moment. :) nice to see. I haven’t a clue what it means apart trying to understanding plus I can honestly say I get nothing from them, But I love them for whatever reason. They are like water that pass through a filter yet nothing is caught by the filter. Clear water. Despite my best efforts to find something :) though give me enough time to think about them and I am sure I will :) find something that is.

12:23 am November 18, 2010 | Link
DougRek said:

Love this post. The first paragraph says it all. Thank you.

6:59 pm November 24, 2010 | Link
Kenneth said:

Thanks Doug, and Frank also, pity I won’t see you this weekend- but that’s Freefall for ya!!

9:47 am December 3, 2010 | Link

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