Kenneth Madden

Cupcakes on the cover.

With cupcakes on the cover
I’d lure you in and inside
would read “To the biggest
dose I’ve ever met- you are
everything to me.
There is nothing to known
or understand you see
there is no such thing
as non- duality.”

I love you unconditionally.


maria said:

Dear Kenneth, a cup cake would certainly lure me in, but then as soon i read the first line i would have to close the book, as i do not…. and will never get this stuff you write.
although i do think you are very very lovely!
x maria

8:31 pm December 26, 2010 | Link
Kenneth said:

well it’s a good thing that there’s nothing to get then Maria, and by the way I think you are lovely too.

11:31 am December 27, 2010 | Link
Lolly said:

KK, you know me too well, of course a cup cake would lure me in.. you’re just playing to current addiction now. But like Maria, i would close the book pretty shortly.

2:29 am March 26, 2011 | Link

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