Kenneth Madden

The Now

The difficulty with the popular message the now- to try and live in the now, live in the present- is that there is only now, only this, only presence. The message speaks to an individual who has choice: to be more in the present or not to be thinking about the past, the future, not to be in the mind. It is a teaching of imprisonment as it simply reinforces the concept and feeling that there is such a thing as a separate individual who chooses and the law of cause and effect emanates from this choice.
There is only this and all thoughts of now, present, past and future arise in it. The concept and contracted feeling of being a separate ‘me’ arises in it. What we take to be separate and solid and absolutely real, is only apparently so. It’s real and unreal, it’s nothing and everything, it’s life and death.
So there is nothing but now, you can’t be present and then not be present- there is only presence. Awareness of what’s happening seems to move in dept, quality and duration but the difficulty is that it is experienced from the point of view of an apparent separate self as their awareness and as such only reinfoces the feeling of being a subject aware of objects outside of itself. In actuality there is no one that awareness is arising for, no separate individual self who can choose to be in a thing called a moment or presence, although the mind will very much give the impression that you are present and then not present as it appears to move and measure in a linear motion through time and space, throwing up a false centre which experiences the experience, who is in the moment. So the dancer dances till it is seen that there was ever only the dance, ever only the dance.

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