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I really enjoyed this weekends meeting in Dublin, very very much. See you all again sometime, but then again there is no need to ever go to another meeting. Liberation is This, now and therefor the seeing of it, or expansion out of a false center of me only happens now. Eternity is this, now. So there is no next meeting.


Ah no, I think I’ll give it a skip lads

A Memory

Cherry blossoms falling dancing lightly over hard tarmac
Rubbishing the idea that there is anything
that can be held onto.
Anything that’s not transient.

Like a dog with a bone

Life Unfiltered

Life in Freefall Meeting

The meeting will go ahead on the 29th, just contact me for details.

Tommy keeping the water flowing

Christmas day, defrosting pipes.

Life in Freefall Meeting

There is a meeting provisionally scheduled for the Saturday the 29th Jan in Dublin, Please contact me if you are interested and I will confirm if it’s definitely going ahead in the next few days. The meeting will be concerned with the sharing of an uncompromising message about the paradox of feeling like a separate individual in the world, the suggestion that what is being looked for has never been lost.

I watched a brilliant documentary about the poet Dermot Healy a couple of weeks ago. I then stumbled on ‘The Reed Bed’ and here is the first stanza:

So it is with the reeds, I pass them daily
but the minute I’ve gone by

and the rustling stops
somewhere behind me

among the floating trees
they no longer exist.

and then I start
wondering what is it I lost.

What was that thing
that important thing

I left behind me
on the dreaming road?

Car Freeze