Kenneth Madden


Emptiness is full. Fullness is empty. Nothing (No Thing) is Everything. Everything is Nothing. Beyond the mind and amazingly, simply this. I would invite you to sit down, to rest and see that what you’ve been looking for has never left you, except that you are already sitting and you are already home. The life that pours through your senses is what is being looked for not an object that is perceived by the senses. So it is literally the seeing, not what is being seen. It is the touching not what is being touched. It is the smelling not what is smelt. The shift out of an apparent ‘Me’ is immeasurably beyond any experience an individual can have and is paradoxically stunningly simple and ordinary. It is not a happening as it is the seeing that life as perceived by a separate individual was only apparently happening and only did so when it poured through the veil of the separate self. It is not an experience as it is seen that it is only the apparent individual who experiences the world through their own knowing of themselves and it. It is indescribable as it is absolutely beyond the mind. It is so immediately this, so simply this, so simply the aliveness of what appears to be happening that there is laughter, so much laughter at the ridiculousness of seeking what has never been lost.

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