Kenneth Madden

Life in Freefall Meeting

There is a meeting provisionally scheduled for the Saturday the 29th Jan in Dublin, Please contact me if you are interested and I will confirm if it’s definitely going ahead in the next few days. The meeting will be concerned with the sharing of an uncompromising message about the paradox of feeling like a separate individual in the world, the suggestion that what is being looked for has never been lost.

I watched a brilliant documentary about the poet Dermot Healy a couple of weeks ago. I then stumbled on ‘The Reed Bed’ and here is the first stanza:

So it is with the reeds, I pass them daily
but the minute I’ve gone by

and the rustling stops
somewhere behind me

among the floating trees
they no longer exist.

and then I start
wondering what is it I lost.

What was that thing
that important thing

I left behind me
on the dreaming road?

What do you think?

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