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I love you unconditionally.

Pot Holed

The road is as puckered
as the crepuscular moon
I’m driving towards

Hard Frost expanding,
exhuming something-
Leaving nothing

Which you fear
falling into,
a memory

of a feeling
that there was someone
driving this car

Just that memory now
of an expansion
Nothing left and

everything falling
free. Nothing Lacking,
full and empty

Freedom waxing
waning to be


Does it not ring a bell that what is sought, what is searched for hides by already being all that is? That everything and nothing are in fact the same, that life and death are one. This is it, it always has been.

How sweet it is

The next Life in Free-fall meeting will be held in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. I will have more information early next week on it. It’s planned for the Saturday 26th and Sunday the 27th of March. It is being organised by Non Duality North, who have regular speakers throughout the year. If you’re interested in finding out more just contact me or the folks at Anyway more details next week.

you little mink

My compliments to the chef



An Uncompromising Non Dual message has to be a hopeless message, there can be no hope as there is nothing better then this. This is everything and nothing, it is already complete and whole so there can be no hope for it to be better. When there is an apparent expansion out of the false center of ‘me’ it is seen that there was never anything lacking and what was sought was what has always been, i.e. what is: simply this.

Hope is always for something better then this, it is a total rejection of this for something better that’s around the corner, that keeps the apparent individual (apparently) moving towards something better and never quite arriving.