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An Uncompromising Non Dual message has to be a hopeless message, there can be no hope as there is nothing better then this. This is everything and nothing, it is already complete and whole so there can be no hope for it to be better. When there is an apparent expansion out of the false center of ‘me’ it is seen that there was never anything lacking and what was sought was what has always been, i.e. what is: simply this.

Hope is always for something better then this, it is a total rejection of this for something better that’s around the corner, that keeps the apparent individual (apparently) moving towards something better and never quite arriving.


fabienne said:

a quick hello from France Kenneth, where it’s as cold as in Ireland it seems.
It’s a pleasure to read your blog and watch the photos (even if the message of “no hope” is frustrating for me).
Bye for now

11:25 am February 2, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

Hello Fabienne, yes indeed, it’s very blustery here- wind and rain- we’re no strangers to that in Ireland. Thanks for your comment.
Thats it, the frustration is it, already. No need to look anywhere else. What’s looked for is what is already.

2:21 pm February 2, 2011 | Link
Steve W said:

the experience of frustration is that thing he’s always been looking for? or even theoretically an experience of depression, anger, violence if it occurs then it is what he/we always wanted? Not that there is any benefit or good to be found in it? there is no hope of that, it just is what it is, but that pain at those moments is what we have been searching for all the time?

10:43 pm February 3, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

It is an experience when there is, apparently, someone there to experience it, a separate self who filters everything- knows and experiences the world. No experience will ultimately satisfy the seeker as the seeker is searching for their own absence. The seeker is only apparently there to begin with so there is a constant invitation to see that there is no ‘Me’ of centre. What is being sought is wholeness, completeness, oneness and that is all there is already. All that is apparently happening is that wholeness and completeness. All the while there is a contracted sense of being separate then there is pulling in of pleasure and and pushing away of pain. So for the apparent individual they are moving towards a possibly better future and for them, moments of peace and clarity indicate that they are going in the right direction whereas frustration and anger are pushed away and are only frustrating this apparent move towards a better future. This, in very simple terms is the game of the apparent individual: pulling in pleasure and pushing away pain. However, what is sought is simply Being and that is frustration and anger as much as pleasure. When there is no longer an apparent person relating to the frustration, owning the frustration then there is only the frustration and it is as transient as everything else.
What appears to be happening is it, no need to go anywhere else.

It’s not that that these things you mention (anger, frustration, violence) are what the individual wanted- the individual will only play the game of being an individual, but wholeness, unconditional love is constantly inviting the apparent individual to see that they are already what they seek.

9:38 am February 4, 2011 | Link
Steve W said:

Thank you for such a full explanation. What are the examples of these constant invitations to see there is no ‘me’? And from what you say this seeing is not just an intellectual conviction, nor a new way of looking at things but a complete turning off of the ‘filter’. How to do that is the big Q.

8:35 pm February 4, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

There are no examples- The very aliveness that is pouring through all the senses now is it already- it is everything all ready- I can’t give an example of everything. This is absolutely beyond the mind and yet stunningly simple (that’s how it hides- by being everything already).
You are right it is not an intellectual conviction- it is not a belief or a concept- it is beyond all concept, no concept could come near to it, yet language is concept attempting to point beyond concept.
There is no way to turn off the ‘filter’ as it is only apparently real to begin with. Any message that advises on methods to do so only imprisons the apparent separate self by reinforcing the idea that they are there and they can do something.
An uncompromising message resonates energetically and there can be an attraction and a simultaneous fear of it. The individual senses they are under threat and the mind can kick into overdrive. There is no Steve, no Kenneth, only apparently- there is no one with a life, there is only life, One. Only this. Nothing needs to be done.

12:12 am February 5, 2011 | Link
Philip said:

Brilliant Kenneth. “there is no one with a life, there is only life” But is this just one more concept to be praised and agreed with? The seeing of the illusion of ‘me’, is that enough to disengage with that ownership?

3:01 pm April 3, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

Hi Philip
What’s being suggested is beyond concept, that’s why an unconditional non- dual message will continually say that understanding is nothing. Understanding is simply an apparent separate self who understands- in that sense it would only be another concept. Praise is no better or worse then criticism, any expression, of course is only an opinion and since there is only apparently right and wrong- then it has no significance weather or not this opinion is praised or criticized. The communication is that there is no truth- so there can be no agenda for that to be recognised as true!- because it isn’t.
There is nothing the apparent individual can do to see that there is no apparent individual- this is simply because there is no separate individual. What is sought is your own absence, something you can never bring about, as you are not there to begin with.
When it is seen that there is no separate self- then, it can become more and more obvious that this is what is sought, this, what appears to be happening is what has always been looked for.

3:59 pm April 3, 2011 | Link

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