Kenneth Madden

Pot Holed

The road is as puckered
as the crepuscular moon
I’m driving towards

Hard Frost expanding,
exhuming something-
Leaving nothing

Which you fear
falling into,
a memory

of a feeling
that there was someone
driving this car

Just that memory now
of an expansion
Nothing left and

everything falling
free. Nothing Lacking,
full and empty

Freedom waxing
waning to be


Patricia said:

Dear friend
joyous open complete as you say
nothing missing, a miracle
happening all the time. How is it we take it for granted, so distracted?

1:03 am February 17, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

Hi Pat
The newness isn’t seen all the while there is a contracted sense of being a separate individual, when there is someone looking at the moon, it’s imprisoned, it’s known, it’s second hand. When there is the really felt contracted sense of being a separate person- subject- then everything seen is something-object-. There is a relating to what seems outside, to objects and there is the feeling that the world is knowable. So instead of seeing life as new and boundless, it is sort of dull and somewhat predictable, more or less so with each apparent individual.
All the while there is that feeling of being separate there is a searching for wholeness, for what appears to have been lost. The divine comedy is that nothing ever was lost and what is sought is what is already.

9:45 am February 17, 2011 | Link
Patricia said:

Thanks for sharing. I know it is not you…but it is through you that it is happening in me too

7:53 pm February 17, 2011 | Link
Chitiz said:

Could you be more precise please, whether the ‘expansion’ as you call it, is an event that can be waited for , or something already happening? I am confused.

11:01 pm February 17, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

Patricia- It only seems that it is through me- it is not seen as a result of anything, there is no cause and effect. It has nothing to do with me or you.

Chitiz- The contraction of feeling like a separate self in the world is only an apparent contraction, so when there is a release from that false center then, it is seen that that false center or “Me” was only ever apparently real. That’s why is is not a ‘happening’ in the sense of the what the mind thinks- it is all that is already- it is already this- what appears to be happening, that is what is looked for. Any waiting, would simply be the apparent individual rejecting this now, in favour of something better- which is the whole game that is played by the apparent individual, there is always something better around the corner. The energy of feeling like a separate individual in the world is one of movement in hope or anticipation of something better to come, in this manner the complete newness, the stunning boundlessness of Being is continually overlooked.

Being confused is it, there is confusion- clarity will only come and go, it has nothing to do with understanding.
Thanks for the comment.

3:29 pm February 27, 2011 | Link
Chitiz said:

thanks for the reply, one more question though.
I’ve heard Tony Parsons say:”When you’re inside a lift, that’s all there is”. Can you elaborate what this means? Because it seems rather odd to to claim the sun doesn’t exist just because you close your eyes.

5:07 pm February 28, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

There will always be one more question all the while there is the contracted feeling of being separate… it’s not that there is an answer- it’s that there is no longer a question, as the question only came from that sense of separation, which was only apparently real to begin with.

What I think Parson’s means or is trying to point to, is that there is no boundary, that this is everything and nothing, so a flower is everything, all there is- flowering. It’s a hologram= everything is in everything- all is one.

This is beyond understanding, as the mind moves in the time space continuum as the individual exists in it’s own knowing of itself.

Best thing tho is to phone Parsons, as he’s the one who can explain what he means.

10:11 pm February 28, 2011 | Link
Patricia said:

Thanks so so much…

2:31 am March 2, 2011 | Link

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