Kenneth Madden

Tear the Sky

Discomfort is a soft
Morning light
Inviting you out
of your imaginary prison.

Hope, a warden-
Reminding you of the imminent
Upgrade you’ve looked
forward to for so long.

What’s that-
Whispered gently? Ahh
yes, you’re right
There is nothing wrong.


Steve W said:

I like that poem!

Interesting that another poet (I think) wrote that at the gates of hell a sign said “Abandon hope all ye that enter in”. He probably meant it as a warning not a recommendation

8:52 pm March 6, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

Who knows what he meant. I imagine that the sign changes with the times- it might say ‘Bankers and property developers go straight to main reception please’ or ‘Please have you passport ready’ or maybe a simple ‘Welcome, we’ve been dying to meet you.’

Thanks for the comment Steve.

9:30 am March 7, 2011 | Link
Chitiz said:

Hello Kenneth,
would you say causality is entirely non existent? or does it have a limited substantial reality?

4:24 am March 10, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

Hi Chitiz
The whole manifestation is real and not real- it is both. It is nothing and everything, Life and death are one- not separate. So the story of ‘My life” has central tenants to it such as volition, time, space, cause and effect etc. These are in the story and are aspects of a root, embodied, contracted feeling of being separate to the world. From the perspective of the separate self they are perceived as being absolutely real- time is absolutely real, causality is absolutely real- in actuality they are real only in as far as they are experienced to be and they are also absolutely unreal. The mind moves in duality and therefor, can’t go anywhere with life being real and unreal, everything and nothing. In this way, the mind is totally of no relevance when it comes to liberation.

Tony Parsons talks about two realities- I like that expression- he is saying (my words and interpretation) that the apparently separate individual feels like a center through which life is experienced, a subject that looks out at objects (subject- object) and in this reality there appears causality and time, space etc. The other reality is that this center is only APPARENTLY real and that there is only whole, complete, unfiltered, Being in total free-fall and appearing as separate objects to itself. The language of the first reality cannot describe the second but can only attempt to point to it (In this way, a meeting where there is an uncompromising non dual message is concerned with an energetic resonance rather then words or concepts). Even writing and reading these words it is impossible to communicate that these realities are not two separate things, but only appear so to the mind that wants it to be one way or the other, not both.
Thanks for the comment

9:27 am March 10, 2011 | Link

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