Kenneth Madden

Monthly Archives: April 2011

Silence Sounding

These pictures were posed Wednesday morning last. Thanks a lot for getting up so early to have a camera poked in your face Hank, you’re a trouper. More to follow.

Just like that

We move in the linear, as if the past were physically behind our backs as we step into the future. This is, of course a total generalization and every apparent separate self experiences that uniquely and to a greater or lesser degree. It’s only apparently real, that linear movement. It emanates from a sense of feeling separate to a world that’s ‘out there’. These words are just words- Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. They may sound esoteric or philosophical (or perhaps like a load of bullshit). They point to the stunning seeing that life is always new, that simply and always what appears to be happening is what has always being looked for. Life itself is causeless joy, and there is no longer a moving towards something better around the corner, there can be nothing better as there is only aliveness. One doesn’t move anywhere as there is nowhere to get too. So it’s not that things change fast or slow- it’s that life is always new- as it is not moving on a linear path- it is nothing and everything- it is life and death- it is there and not there- it is One. This does not need to be understood.

The center is a false one.

Greener pastures

The grass isn’t greener when there is no other side.