Kenneth Madden


A deep, deep longing to connect once
and for all into everything-
to moor in the sea of transience,
troubled seas rage with a peaceful stillness
at its heart,  at the centre

No-thing will be found,
but ears are deaf when I’m listenin’
and it’s hard to hear when
when you’re drowning
in the need to know.

As the first light of day breaks
with readiness in the raging
wind and in the perfect stillness
a constant whispered shout says:
Friend, This is your harbour,
this the long lost lover
Unknowable now and waiting
with a patient smile.


maria said:

amazing photograph

3:28 pm May 30, 2011 | Link
Frank said:

And words to match too

4:14 am May 31, 2011 | Link

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