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Ana and her mum

I came across the following poem by Joseph Mary Plunkett in the Sunday Independent:


When I was but a child
Too innocent and small
To know of aught but love
I knew love not at all.

But when I put away
The things I had outgrown
I learnt at last of love
And found that love had flown.

Now I can never find
A feather from his wings
Though every day I search
Among my childish things.

I love this poem, for me it captures brilliantly the sense of something appearing to have been lost in the move from childhood into adulthood. We look at the spontaneous aliveness of children and wonder where the wonder we felt at being alive, the newness of everything, where it was lost, how it is left us. What is it that’s missing now that I’ve grown up to be an adult? We search in the most curious and sometimes painful of places for the answer and we are offered many many suggestions as to what it is we are missing, everything from letting Jesus into your life to a needle in your arm. There is a message now, a suggestion, that is nobodies message, it belongs to no one. It is an uncompromising communication that suggests that what you are looking for is the childlike wonder you think and feel and experience you have lost. What is looked for is the causeless joy of simply being alive which we see in small children. It is unconditional love. The cosmic joke, or divine comedy is that what you have always always looked for has never ever left you as it is simply this, simply being. When we grew up to know the world we stopped seeing it for the whole and boundless unconditional love that it is, for life is too immediate to be known and when you think you know it you are no longer seeing it as it is. ‘I learnt at last of love/
And found that love had flown.’
When you feel like a separate self you start to search for wholeness and searching for what already is is a brilliant way of avoiding it. The very search presumes that something has been lost, but nothing has been lost- you’ve been lost looking for it. Nothing has ever been lost, you are already and have always always been what you look for, simply being, simply aliveness.


Chitiz said:

Hello Kenneth, Kudos on a nice piece of photography!

3:07 pm May 6, 2011 | Link
martin said:

beautifully put.simply being,simply aliveness.truly amazing….you are what you seek.all is well….if this resonates with `you`,or not,check out new irish non-duality website,

11:22 am May 7, 2011 | Link
Mike said:

Very well stated, Kenneth. Beautiful work, both in image and in words. Just fantastic!

4:39 pm May 9, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

Thanks for the feedback Chitiz, Martin and Mike,
Checked out that site briefly- looks good.

8:47 pm May 10, 2011 | Link
Steve W said:
10:15 pm May 11, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

by god I think you’re right Steve. She’s gorgeous isn’t she.

9:12 am May 12, 2011 | Link

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