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My goodness

The amazing thing about liberation* is that it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with how you think you are or how you experience yourself to be. It doesn’t require thoughts or feelings or behaviour to stop or for anything to start. The energy of feeling like a separate ‘Me’ in the world is one of anticipation of things being better** tomorrow, around the corner, we’re never quite there, or any arrival is temporary. It is also an energy of unworthiness. We feel we have lost wholeness and therefor have a feeling of incompleteness. This is pronounced to a greater or lesser degree obviously in every apparently separate self. Most people can relate to the feeling of ‘I have to….’ ‘I should…’ ‘I need to…’ then I’ll be there! But you never get to the idea of where you think you should be.

Incredibly- what is looked for has no interest in how neurotic or unworthy you feel yourself to be. You cannot ever be more or less ready to see what it is you look for as you are already the wholeness that you seek irrespective of how fucked up or fabulous you perceive yourself to be.
You will never be ready to find your own absence and of course you can’t find it. This is an amazing paradox and yet stunningly simple. There really is only life, this.

* There is no such thing as Liberation- the term is used as to address a problem that is only apparent to begin with.

**Or worse, whether it’s a better me or a worse me is irrelevant it’s simply two sides of the same coin and energy of being a separate me will do either way.


Chaitanya said:

Beautiful! Even when no proof of the existence of the ego is found, belief in its existence persists. Can nothing be done to remove this belief?

12:50 pm July 18, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

Well, ego is a concept really, a kind of feature of ‘me’ or a part of it. I stay away from the word as there are so many different meanings to it.

As regards a belief, it doesn’t need to be removed or changed or anything else. It can simply be seen that there is only an idea, or belief or concept and there is no one who has it. Any effort to do something with the belief would simply be another doing that would keep the apparent individual in the dream that they are there and they are doing something.

8:54 am July 20, 2011 | Link

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