Kenneth Madden


The aliveness in the feeling of vulnerability is the softening of the imaginary boundary with a world that’s ‘out there’ and a separate ‘Me’ that has been absolutely taken for granted. When our sense of control is weakened or falls away we can feel outside our comfort zone which is simply the pattern or flavor of a game called “I’m a separate person in the world’. That feeling can be scary but somewhere it it sensed that in it is the full aliveness that we seek.

Of course there is no one being vulnerable or trying to control- there is only the appearance of someone. To see this, life, being, as it is, now is the collapse of the contracted feeling that there is someone seeing it and the full raw open boundless manifestation of life, untrammelled by the filter of someone separate to it.
Just a suggestion.

Some therapy and personal development would promote the movement towards less control and nudge you out of your comfort zone into the unknown, into being ok with being, and showing, vulnerability. This may seem to result in a more fully alive person, however any suggestion that addresses the apparently separate individual by encouraging them to do or not do something, will only make the sense of being separate temporarily more comfortable and not get to the root cause which is the embodied sense of feeling separate and having lost wholeness. It is not you that is more vulnerable, it is simply a that there is an apparent shift out of this comfortable bubble of ‘me’. Feeling outside your comfort zone is scary but it’s also a feeling of being more alive.

Liberation is total aliveness with no one to have a comfort zone any longer. When you loose your life, when there is total poverty, you don’t have anything. Then it is seen that you are no thing, and that is everything. Then the boundless play of being and the very aliveness laughing that you ever thought you lost it.


martin said:

beautiful photograph…and yes,when the apparrent seperate person loses control,there is a chance there to see that there never was anyone there to have control in the first place.just an open,mysterious,aliveness…

10:57 am May 17, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

well put Martin, unknowable, immediate aliveness- but gone also the mystery as there is no one to be mystified!

6:39 pm May 17, 2011 | Link
Chitiz said:

So is everything automatic then?

7:07 am May 25, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

As far as the person is concerned everything is an automatic conditioned response to apparently outside stimulus. The sense of ‘Me’ is a false addition, that appears real, to what happens. So there is the feeling that there is a separate person who is walking down the road and the conviction that they are in control of walking down the road and for what that leads to. In that story control is split into things in my control and things outside my control, but there is a general sense that I am responsible for what happens to me and have the ability to make it better. That’s a linear movement in time with cause and effect.

The amazing discovery is that there isn’t and never was a separate individual with control and you are being done. There is only being, there is only energy and that is whole and boundless so it also appears as limited and bound.

8:37 am May 25, 2011 | Link

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