Kenneth Madden

A fine Balance.

We try to balance in the middle, to occupy the middle ground. As an apparent separate self, of course, we are the middle ground. We are the subject to which everything is object, we are the the centre of the universe. We play in that space in totally and beautifully unique ways and there is an intelligence that informs us that the more expansive this centre is the more balanced we’ll be in the middle of it. So we push and expand into the unknown, out of our comfort zone to widen the boundary. We sense that the more open minded we are about new experiences and the less fixed and rigid we are in our central position, the more fulfilled we’ll be.

This seems to be the case, for a while. We have simply made the prison cell more comfortable. There is nothing right or wrong with that, if you are going to occupy a cell you may as well make it comfortable. The difficulty or impossibility is that the boundary we push at is only apparently real. There is no boundary and what experiences itself as separate is in actuality the whole appearing as separate not an actual separate entity at all.

No matter how many connections the apparent separate self makes, no matter how full it endeavors to become, no matter how centered, there will always be a longing for and a question about what seems to be missing, what seems to be lost. Any fulfillment for the individual will only be transient and in what appears to be happening is a constant and open invitation to what is ultimately sought.

This is what is sought. Being. What appears to have been lost was never lost at all, what appears to have been lost is the whole, from the moment there arose a contracted sense of feeling separate to it. But it is wholeness that plays the game of being separate to itself and plays out the game of yearning to be whole again.

What seems to be trying to balance in the centre can fall, free fall into this, into what already is and laugh at the seeing that this has always been home. Along with the barrage of messages telling you how to improve yourself and your situation, telling you how you should be and what you are lacking- there is now an uncompromising alternative that suggests another possibility. This message is no ones message and it radically sings without agenda or aim- that you are already what you look for, you are already home. Simply Being is what was looked for, simply already this. What a clever way to hide!


dee said:

life is, it exists to be. But enjoy because it is how it is.

9:23 pm June 10, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

yes indeed, it is as it is.

8:48 am June 11, 2011 | Link
dimka said:

This is wonderful!
Love! Thank you!

12:20 pm July 29, 2011 | Link

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