Kenneth Madden

Life is boundless

what is sought, ultimately, underneath, behind and in our myriad ways of seeking fulfillment, is this. Just simply what appears to be happening, just simply being alive. It remains hidden from you by already being everything, it hides by being too obvious for the mind. It is boundlessness and in it the game of being a separate individual plays out unrestricted. There is also a fullness in the game of ignoring the obvious and a fullness in the invitation to see that the game is only apparently real. In other words the game of being ‘Me’ is not restricted and the invitation to see that there is no ‘me’ and never was, is constant.

It’s a stunning paradox that you are in fact searching for you own absence. Something you will never, obviously find. The resolution is not in progressive endeavor towards some goal, state, experience etc. In other words the answer is not, as we have been told all our lives, in working really hard to get somewhere, it’s not around the next corner. This is the resolution, what already is, simply what appears to be happening, is the boundless aliveness that we seek, that we experienced ourselves as separate to and sought so wildly and wonderfully, so gently, lovingly and painfully for. It can be seen, now, that there never was an answer, as there is no room for a question. It appeared to come from a a space, a time, thrown up from a separate self that never was.

This message, which is no ones, can resonate somewhere. It is beyond understanding, it is uncompromising in that it offers you nothing and it is total unconditional love in that it sees ‘you’ as already all that is, already whole, complete and boundless. This is not a spiritual message or a philosophical one. If it is heard as a concept that can be used or incorporated into your life, then it is not heard.

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