Kenneth Madden


Another random little fucker
of a poem with no rhyme
or reason, pops up like
a daisy out of cow shite,

but not quite as pretty and oh
so singing softly;
There is no other,
There are no better days.


David and Lou said:

Don’t give up the day job just yet! Seamus Heany – Eat Your Heart Out!

6:00 pm July 10, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

Ha ha, You mean you don’t think I’ll be nominated for the Pulitzer prize? yes, I admit I’m no poet by any stretch of the imagination but I do enjoy putting words down in that way. Hope you two are well, I was thinking of you the other day.

7:22 pm July 10, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

I’d have to be American to win the Pulitzer prize, but if not for that…

9:54 pm July 10, 2011 | Link

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