Kenneth Madden

What if what you sought was in fact no ‘thing’, what if it was nothing at all? Obviously you’d never find it, as it isn’t an ‘it’, it isn’t anything. What if the very feeling of being a separate somebody, a separate self, an individual (something) that is moving in and negotiating a world that’s outside, what if that really experienced contracted sense of being ‘me’ was what also gave rise to other ‘mes’?

In other words what if the experience of there being other people and other separate things in the world only emanated from one apparent root separation; me v the world.

Well then from the perspective of feeling like a somebody, only something would be seen, only separate objects and things and nothing, no thing would not be seen, it would be ignored as to see it is the collapse of the energy of ‘me’, to see nothing is the death of ‘me’ and nothing is seen by no one. The expansion of the apparently contracted energetic center of me is the end of something that never really was. It is a homecoming, a seeing that you are all that is, and all that is, everything, is nothing. Death is life and life is death. In other words, this, right now, is it. It’s never been anything else.

We search continually of what has never left us. No concept, belief, knowledge or experience will ever fulfill us when in fact what we are really looking for is the loss of being a separate somebody. We seek our own absence. Amazing.

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