Kenneth Madden

Life is, in actuality, unknowable. In the really felt and experienced sense of being separate to the world there is the negotiation through life by knowing and understanding. Knowing the world and knowing yourself are the same and only function to maintain an apparent boundary called ‘Me’. It can be seen, suddenly, that life is too immediate to be known and that there never was anyone separate to it to know it.

If it is sensed that there is only this, that there is no ‘me’ (no separate individual), the mind can fight against that and scramble desperately to confirm that there is, to maintain the energy of being separate. It can rubbish any suggestion that this is it, by reinforcing the story of me.

If there isn’t a running away from a non dual message, there can just as easily be an effort to know it as this will also maintain the sense of he who knows. So, I will want to know that this is it. I will want to know that there is no me. I want to confirm from some outside authority that this message is not bullshit and I will want desperately for people to be communicating the same message and for there to be numerous people communicating this message (a non dual message, that there is no you).

This is also a feature of the story of me. There is no one communicating this message, there is no authority, there is no one who knows. You are totally and utterly alone with this message, you are totally and utterly alone, as there is not two. To really hear a truly uncompromising message about non duality is to see that the vast majority of communications that come under it are simply not non dual as there is a communication from an apparent individual to another apparent individual. It is usually not a hopeless message or can frequently stress understanding.

This is the confirmation that this is it, this, breathing, sounds, aliveness pouring through the senses. It needs no verification. This is the key to an apparent lock that keeps you imprisoned. It doesn’t unlock the prison, it is the sudden seeing that the prison, called ‘me’, was only apparently real to begin with. Any confirmation from someone else, teacher or authority, that this is it, is simply an effort to stay inside the wheel of individuality.

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