Kenneth Madden

Being a separate ‘Me’ is a juggling act and everyone has there own unique show. It seems that it has been forgotten that it is an act, it is a play. A play of light. It is as if the individual is trying to juggle their way out of the act. If I juggle better, longer, with more flare and complexity then I’ll find what it is I seem to be looking for, I’ll get to where I want to be. That’s fine, but keeping all the pins in the air was only ever in the game of juggling and the whole game was only an act to begin with.

Being a separate ‘me’ is a loop, an energetic loop that feeds into itself. Nothing that this ‘me’ does can have any other function then to maintain the energy of being ‘me’. All the while there is a game of being a separate ‘me’ there is a feeling that there is something missing, something lost. Of course  it appears like this as once, I’m a separate me, then there is no longer, just everything, wholeness- there is me and everything else (Subject- Object).  So there is a seeking, a searching for everything, for wholeness and the energy of feeling separate will try to juggle that pin also, it will become something for ‘me’ to do. I’ve juggled all my life, so of course I can juggle my way to wholeness, but that can only ever amount to trying to juggle your way out of juggling.

Nothing in the game will bring you out of the game.  Understanding and knowing are features of individuality, it’s the ‘me’ that knows, that understands a world it’s separate to.  Amazingly, what you are looking for has absolutely NOTHING to do with ‘YOU’.  Nothing to do with understanding or knowing.   You don’t need to change or become better (or worse) in anyway.  What you are seeking is simply, already, this.  Aliveness, just being.  ‘You’ are only a game that arises in it.  What you are is boundless and whole, everything and nothing, This. Absolutely fucking stunning.  Always new.

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