Kenneth Madden

So now I’m arsed again. Really, it’s quite amazing how we’re always only ever striving to get to where we already are. How could someone show you a way to arrive to where you already are? There are no Teachers, there are no Masters, there is no authority, you are already whole and complete, already what you seek. This is it.


Heiko said:

I´d love to sit here and have a pint but now I´m on the night shift until 5 am. But the night shift is also this, right? :)

8:27 pm August 30, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

there is nothing that isn’t Heiko, it’s inescapable, this is all that is, and you are all that is: everything and nothing.

8:32 pm August 30, 2011 | Link
Elena said:

It is not easy to get where you already are. Indeed:)) this is the most complicated and interesting task… especially for the mind! find a pair of glasses which are on your nose..and have been here for the last few decades..

9:03 pm August 30, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

well it has nothing to do with the mind really, the mind is an energy of moving forward in anticipation of something better. The mind is concerned with the maintenance of a ‘me’ through knowing, understanding a world that is outside of ‘me’ and through which I negotiate;
‘Life’ and ‘my life’
I like the glasses analogy, that’s a great one, you are looking for your glasses, using your glasses to look for your glasses, and what you look for has never been lost- then you piss yourself laughing!!!

9:22 pm August 30, 2011 | Link
Elena said:

If to consider that “separate me” itself is a product of mind, just an idea among million of other ideas. Than it is about the mind.. when the illusonary “me” is trying to identify itself with something real and is trying to achieve Peace and Harmony.. in this story everything will be illusionary. And the mind will be the king who is rulling this game. The search and what is being searched for…
Who wants to get where he already is? Who wants to achieve Enlightenment? Who is never satisfied..Definitely, not All That Is.. as it Is Whole and Complete initially. I believe that the one who is searching is the mind. Only the mind.
All That Is do not search..inside It the game of serach happens..which is an essential part of it. When Understanding happens and illusionary “me” reveals as just illusionary, and the Whole appears as the Whole and All That Is… then mind is powerless, it cannot anymore be used to serve the illusion as the illusion itself was revealed.
Unless there is iluusion of “separate me” than it is all about the mind which is an energy of moving in anticipation for something better.
When You Are All That Is..Whole..than mind is mind..however it is not the same mind all

8:15 am August 31, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

I don’t consider the separate self a product of the mind, not at all, the comment was in relation to or in response to the function of the mind in the story of a separate individual self.
Actually is a contraction, an energetic contraction, in every cell that gives a really felt and experienced sensation of a boundary at the skin between ‘me’ and a world outside of me.

It is a game, it is a story, so all that is plays the game of being a separate self that then looks for itself. It is what apparently happens, the only value or meaning in it comes from an apparent separate self who wants answers.

As for understanding, there can be an understanding of what is suggested and there can come with that a change, but that is not Liberation. The perspective of what the apparent individual takes to be real, can shift and be blown apart and a whole different perspective on life can come about, this is simply a change in perspective, it may feel great or it may feel not so great. It has nothing to do with good or bad, it’s just that liberation is a total and utter shift out of the personal, which has noting to do with the apparent individual and nothing to do with understanding.

8:39 am August 31, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

I want to be clear about something though, from this perspective, the separate individual isn’t just an idea or a thought, it’s embodied, it’s a cellular contraction through which all the senses seem to filter. There are many people claiming that it is just a thought and therefor stressing understanding, that’s a different message as far as I’m concerned.

4:36 pm August 31, 2011 | Link
Elena said:

I do see your point of view Kenneth and i totally understand it. Everyone have their own experience and interpretation of it.
You say that feeling of apparent individual self is the energetic contraction at the skin. Ok. But where is it registered? Where is this feeling being registered? I dont believe It can be registered in the skin. It is registered in the mind. Any feeling is registered in the mind only. Mind is not what you are, it is just ideas of what you are. Anything that appears in the mind are just ideas. Energetic contraction, pain, suffering, happiness, love, fear. Where else do they exist if not in the mind?!
All That Is do not need registration or description. It simply exists. All what can be registered – are ideas about it. This is why i believe that individual self appears in All That Is as idea. You say apparent individual self. It means, it is not real?! Even if it is embodied. Body exists without any registration, it does not need our registration for existence. Nevertheless, any feelings that appear and seem to be related to the body are registered in the mind only.
Liberation – is total shift out from individual. From your perspective it is disappearing of feeling of individual self. From what i see Liberation – is revealing the individual self as an idea which exists in All That Is as the apparent image of It. Once this trick is revealed, the menthal body and the physical body liberate simultaneously. When there is no rushing mind, there is no energetic contraction.
As i mentioned in the beginning everyone have their own ways and terms of expressing themselves and their experience. Anyway they all are just concepts, words..
All That Is remains untouched…

9:04 pm August 31, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

Hi Elena
Well, the beauty of it is that any expression whatsoever is only an opinion, there is no authority or right or wrong from this perspective.
I’m not saying that it is an energetic contraction on the skin so much as is seems that the individual considers and experiences their boundary as the skin, the point at which they meet an ‘outside’ world. The point at which there becomes an inner and an outer.
From this perspective, liberation is when there is no longer a point at which it is registered. The registration of anything is only the apparent individual separate self, the false centre, filtering what appears to be happening. This is the incredible realisation, the seeing, that there is no centre, there is no point of registration, there is only ever life and no one living it. It reminds me of the incredulous expressions on peoples faces at the suggestion that they have never done anything, that they are being done, that not only will life go on without them, as the saying goes, but life is going on without them, there is a false addition of them to it.
I say apparent self, as from this perspective EVERYTHING is both real and unreal, there and not there, life and death, everything and nothing. The mind moves in linear time and opposites, this being real and unreal is absolutely beyond the minds ability to comprehend (mind= synaptic impulses along a series of neurons, in other words energy appearing to move, appearing as thoughts, which appear to spin in a loop and appear as a THING called mind).

And finally, yes Oneness, Wholeness, Being, All that is, Life, what ever you want to call it has no agenda, it is already it’s own meaning and what is said or not said, done or not done, believed or not believed, is absolutely totally and utterly of no importance whatsoever. Beautiful.

8:27 am September 1, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

and I’d like to add, from the meetings (facilitated and attended, there is no difference actually as there is nobody giving a talk amazingly) that there can be both an eagerness to agree with what is being suggested, and an also an eagerness to disagree and fight what is being suggested. Both are simply two sides of the same coin as what is being suggested is totally beyond the mind from this perspective so agreeing with it or disagreeing with it makes absolutely no difference. Liberation, (paradoxically there is no such thing) is beyond and untouchable by concept and the really felt experience of feeling separate to a world that is outside me ‘me’ is totally energetic and also beyond concept.
All there is is Liberation, all there is is this, all there is is unconditional love.

8:56 am September 1, 2011 | Link
Elena said:

Thank you for the comment Kenneth. There is something i would like to discuss with you though:) It is about “who am i”..
If to consider that i am Elena, a female, 27-years old, having certain education, doing certain job, living in a certain place, having certain family, with all the history of my life.. so, ME as an individual is Searching for something and is missing this case when liberation happens the idea of me as an individual and being the centre of my life more.. and than it seems that i am still who i am.. but i no longer know who i am.. this happens in case if i identify myself with an individual.
But.. from another perspective, if Elena, a female, 27-years old, having certain education, doing certain job, living in a certain place, having certain family, with all the history of life..appear in All There Is as an idea, as the image of Itself created in order to be able to sense, to touch, and to feel Itself through the this case there still can be a search, and there still can be something missing, and there still can be liberation also.. BUT! not to forget! from the beginning it was just an idea of All There Is in All There Is.. in this case the idea will get Liberation..and will become Liberated idea!
What i am trying to say, it is “up to everyone” with whom to identify themselves.
If someone think of himself as an embodied individual, in this case when liberation happens he will no longer feel himself so energetically contracted having relationships with himself and the world.
If someone identify (think) of himself as an idea which was created by All There Is as an image of itself in this case he will realize that from the beginning there was nothing “his own” in this world, that he was just a thought in Creator’s mind.. in this case when Liberation happens the idea “who am i” reveals as being Creator’s idea and it is also Liberation.. there is still Existence.. there is still Aliveness.. there is still Everything.. everything seem to be the same, but not the same anymore..
Again, those are just another concepts, another perspectives of mind with regards to it and about it..
I hope it doesn’t mind:) me talking so much about it..

10:10 pm September 1, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

hi Elena
Well, the feeling of being a separate person is absolutely already it. There is only liberation, there is only light, there is only energy and that manifests as the contracted feeling of being separate also.

The whole message that is being communicated here is that you are ALREADY what you look for, nothing needs to change or happen. Another way of saying there is only liberation is that there is no such thing as liberation, there is only this, liberation doesn’t actually happen, it is all that is apparently happening already.

For me, there is no Creator, as that is just another story of something separate to me.

So, Liberation, for this perpective is simply the loss of a false addition of ‘me’ a false centre- so then of course everything is the same, nothing changes at all, it’s the same but life is no longer being filtered through a false centre. In this way also, it is not a happening, or an experience as they require a separate individual to have the experience. The character called ______ continues as a conditioned body mind organism, just as it always has.

So it’s the same but it’s now seen that everything is whole, that everything is new, that life is in Freefall (a Tony Parsons expression that I particularly like).

This has nothing to do with mind or thoughts, as it is simply the apparently separate self who lives in his or her own knowing of themselves.
Not only is there no it that would mind the comments there is no one making them in the first place, there are just words being typed… (I realize you were probably joking there).
p.s. No understanding is needed whatsoever for it to be seen that This is it. Simply this, simply what is.

8:41 am September 2, 2011 | Link

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