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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Joy without cause.

Causeless Joy

Ryan playing tennis

I really enjoyed the meeting on Saturday in Leeds. Thanks so much to David and Louise for hosting, you are on an equal footing with Deborah in this department (it’s a complicated scoring system that I won’t go into now). See you all again some time no doubt (or maybe not- freefall!!!).

Yep, this is it.

Tilly stealing apples

Tilly gets her hair cut, then decides to commandeer some apples.

It’s nothing Personal

A communication that is an uncompromising and non dual, is not a personal message. It is a message that suggests (it can only ever be a suggestion) that you are already what you look for, that this, what is happening is boundless, whole and complete. This is all that is, everything and nothing and you are all that is- everything and nothing. It is a radical message that turns everything on it’s head and if really heard, can be the liberation from a false (apparent) prison of ‘me’.
Words are limited by their meaning and understanding is of no use, but the phrase ‘unconditional love’ seems to come up time and again as an expression that attempts to describe a perception which is no longer filtered through a ‘me’, a perception which no longer see’s two things-’life’ and ‘my life’- only life, only a play of light, no separate things or events or people, just life, whole, complete, boundless and unknowable. The unconditional love spoken of is not the interpersonal love between people, between lovers, friends, although the vulnerable abandon of being madly in love gives a taste of what is being suggested. It is not personal at all and in fact offers nothing what so ever to the individual person whilst at the same time seeing them as whole and complete, the perfect expression of Being, dancing.
There can be a very strong fear of this suggestion. Like a child on the first day of school, afraid of the unknown, and then… then, there’s laughing and playtime, what was there ever to fear?