Kenneth Madden

It’s nothing Personal

A communication that is an uncompromising and non dual, is not a personal message. It is a message that suggests (it can only ever be a suggestion) that you are already what you look for, that this, what is happening is boundless, whole and complete. This is all that is, everything and nothing and you are all that is- everything and nothing. It is a radical message that turns everything on it’s head and if really heard, can be the liberation from a false (apparent) prison of ‘me’.
Words are limited by their meaning and understanding is of no use, but the phrase ‘unconditional love’ seems to come up time and again as an expression that attempts to describe a perception which is no longer filtered through a ‘me’, a perception which no longer see’s two things-’life’ and ‘my life’- only life, only a play of light, no separate things or events or people, just life, whole, complete, boundless and unknowable. The unconditional love spoken of is not the interpersonal love between people, between lovers, friends, although the vulnerable abandon of being madly in love gives a taste of what is being suggested. It is not personal at all and in fact offers nothing what so ever to the individual person whilst at the same time seeing them as whole and complete, the perfect expression of Being, dancing.
There can be a very strong fear of this suggestion. Like a child on the first day of school, afraid of the unknown, and then… then, there’s laughing and playtime, what was there ever to fear?


me said:

Romantic dog watching d sunset….

9:11 pm September 6, 2011 | Link
Elena said:

Love knows nothing about Love..
They put boundaries on it..they give a name to it..they made a subject out of it..and now they think they can feel it..they can experience it..they can get it..
And Love.. it simply is..a play of light..a dance of Aliveness..
It simply Is..being Everything and Nothing..being You and Me.. Dancing with both of us..being both of us..Everything..
Simply Is..As it is..and knows nothing about it..

6:27 pm September 10, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

I wasn’t going to comment on this- but now I will. I want to again make it very clear that the unconditional love I have been referring to has NOTHING to do with what we think of as personal love. It is NOT the love that is spoken about in spirituality as a spiritual message is very much a personal one that makes something out of nothing.

I have no idea of who the ‘They’ you refer to are and overall I don’t understand the comment.

There is nothing on offer in this communication, there is only a suggestion. There is no agenda for it to be heard or not heard.
The communication has nothing to do with personal love. I am deeply in love with someone and what is being spoken about has NO relevance or reference to, NO connection with that love outside of the observation that that love also arises in all that is.

7:12 pm September 13, 2011 | Link

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