Kenneth Madden

Causeless Joy (Endless, Boundless)


Heiko said:

Something in me remembers those endless joyfull moments in childhood and I want to shout “Yes, I know, I know that!” But in the next moment it feels just like a memory far away from now, but the smile on my face remains. Such a good pointer, this picture!!

3:15 pm October 5, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

No-Thing remembers it, it is known, that’s what shouts- ‘I know that, I know that’, Nothing and everything, what has always been (This).
The apparent individual will only individualize, it is not the apparent individual that hears it, the apparent individual will try to know it and own it, and it is not knowable or graspable, nor does it need to be know, it is simply aliveness, simply this.
What’s looked for has nothing to do with the apparent individual (how you think you are) or knowing, it has nothing to do with the mind.
Everything is a pointer, you are constantly being invited to come home.

8:55 pm October 8, 2011 | Link
Ashley said:

Thanks Kenneth for your blog…Only yesterday a friend introduced my mind to Tony Parsons and everything has been thrown away..Scary place for my individual self whom ive invested alot of time in. I sent out an intention about 30 mins ago for something..Me is grasping for clarity:-)And before I got stuck in to cleaning the house I decided to put some pan pipes on while cleaning…And hey clicked right in to your blog…I am that I am..

10:54 am October 9, 2011 | Link
Kenneth said:

Hi Ashley, good to hear from you. The Open Secret communication is amazing, so clear and uncompromising. Go to a meeting if you get the chance.

I don’t really get the ‘sent out an intention’ thing, that’s spiritual speak to me, and spirituality is total bullshit.
There is no outer or inner, no where to send anything. There is only this, only aliveness, boundless and complete. This is everything and nothing, this is all that is. Ordinary, simple, this.
Thanks for getting in touch.

9:13 pm October 13, 2011 | Link

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