Kenneth Madden

Now for ya

Just stumbled on this recently, taken a few years ago now in Silver Strand beach Galway. The poem isn’t new either- but then again- everything is new isn’t it!! The link at the bottom is the Towns Van Zandt clip that is referred to in the poem

Now for ya (Ya, No, Now.)

You said it, in as much
As it could be said
As we gathered round
One end of your kitchen table
In open friendship

Full from the food you fed us
The three of us sat as if
In a huddle before a big game,
An excitement at the immediate playing
Out of it, not some anticipated start.

You raised your hands
In cadence to the words as if
Conducting the statement to disclaim –
I Know nothing about anything,
No, nothing about anything, at all. Then

You said it, how despair
Became so full it pushed you out
Squeezed you out, leaving no room,
no time no you to relate to it, own it.
Leaving no you,

Leaving just this,
gone and You never
Really came back
You never really were
There to begin

With that, an image
Of you vacuum packed
Out of yourself by that
Which you pushed away,
That which you ran from;


Jamie then shot off towards Smiths
Like a shooting star or an expanding
Supernova, somehow lightened by
the hopelessness, the delightful lack
Of hope for anything better. It’s the very

Same centrifugal force that’s always
ready to pull you out of the false
Centre you feel you’re looking
out of, constantly inviting, the only
constant in total free-fall…

Oh the free-fall of an old
Texan blacksmith streaming
Through to tell us about
living simply, wholesome.
Or was it simply living?

Townes played his sad song and
Tears flowed down his
Leathered cheeks as if to show
That real strength is
Forged in vulnerability.

His advise tempered our taste
for the fine single malt Scotch whisky
you produced out of nowhere. Imagine that
Something out of nothing!
So there we were

And there we are, Still, in the dead empty centre
Of nowhere with no-thing to hold onto, so
Ya, you just said it,
No-It was said.
Now for ya.


James Stoker said:

Together we´re all waiting round to die. Love the song and the emotions. Thanks for this!

7:47 pm July 3, 2013 | Link
Kenneth said:

Thanks James, great song alright.

7:36 pm July 28, 2013 | Link

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