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Non- Duality is concerned with This, this right now. Non- duality questions if there is someone who has an experience or if there is simply the experience. It is concerned with this “Me” that we attach to everything, that we never question. It points to the ridiculous notion of there being a separate ‘You’ with a mind (my mind) and with a body (my body) as opposed to there being simply mind and body. More often then not misinterpreted in the realms of spirituality, Non-duality or Advaita (Not Two) is often turned into yet another process of becoming. A process of progressive endeavor towards a goal. The most popular of which seems to be processes or practices to help us ‘live in the present’ or to do things with ‘mindful awareness’.

This is yet another process of becoming, striving to be more present. We spend our whole lives moving towards one goal or another. We are in search of something and we’re never quite sure what it is. We are sure that it will be around the next corner, on the next page. We are searching in time for something that’s timeless. We are searching for Wholeness, Being. The divine comedy is that what we search for has never left us. It is the very life that pours through all of our senses. It can be seen (by nobody) that simply This is boundless liberation, is unconditional love and that the invitation to do so has been ever present. One of the most surprising things about Liberation is that it is nothing like what the mind imagines it to be. The mind can’t ever come close to it yet it is, at the same time, very ordinary. It’s the realization that what you’ve been seeing or looking at has never been really seen as it is filtered through ‘you’ or as if it is seen through a veil. When this veil lifts it is seen that it was never really there, that there is only Liberation. It is seen that the distance and time between subject and object is an illusion. Everything is new again, as it always has been. Boundless freedom in complete total and utter free fall.

Don’t mistake concepts for what they point to.
As Leo Hartong puts it in “Awakening to the Dream”:

They [concepts] are like different little stones thrown against your bedroom window.

When you hear them, you may get out of bed, look outside, and be surprised to see your lover there. Would it matter which exact pebble was the one that woke you?

  • The Open Secret
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  • Rick Linchitz gives some interesting interviews on Non-Duality in Germany. Rick is a renowned physician specializing in alternative pain and cancer therapy in New York. Also, although not concerned with non-duality, what he has to say regarding health and wellness is also well worth checking out at  Also watch very interesting talk re cancer treatment here.
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  • Kelly Joe Phelps. I saw Kelly Joe Phelps in 2002 and my musical world was changed forever. Ever evolving, always honest.  Listen to interview.  Watch Youtube Clip 1, watch Youtube clip 2
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  • Devon Sproule.  Devon wins over audiences with captivating music and echos 1920′s jazz as much as blues or folk.  Her sincerity and quirky humour are a breath of fresh air.  Watch You Tube Clip
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  • Great photography site- very high standard of photos submitted daily from around the world.
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